Wood Burners & Multifuel Stoves - Termatech

Since 2003, Danish company Termatech have set out to fill a gap in the market for top quality stoves that are also cost effective. They have achieved this by making their wood burning stoves low-maintenance, with exacting quality standards. This makes their products a comfortable long-term investment.


Carrying on the legacy of Danish design, Termatech’s wood burning stoves are simple and functional. For instance, their TT30 series of stoves use clean vertical lines and a slim design. This makes them look lightweight, despite being made from highly durable cast-iron materials.

Termatech’s wood burning stoves are designed with a forward-thinking ethos. The company takes note of design trends in modern homes. For example, many of their stoves channel outdoor convection air into the air ducts. This is frequently becoming the norm for airtight new build homes.

So if you want a sleek wood burning stove inspired by Europe’s legacy of simple and efficient design, get one from Termatech.

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