Wood Burners & Multifuel Stoves - Stovax

The largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK, you’re sure to find your ideal wood burning stove from Stovax’s extensive catalogue. One of the main selling points of Stovax is the sheer range of products they offer. Their wood burning stoves come in a variety sizes and styles, both traditional and contemporary. This means their timeless appeal can suit any interior.

stovax stove

Unlike many other brands, Stovax also provide wood burning stoves in multiple colours. Of course black is a classic favourite. However Stovax’s enamel finishes, in colours such as midnight blue and laurel green, give customers the choice for more personalisation.

Peace of mind is essential when you buy a wood burning stove – the safety and sustainability of a stove is critical. All of Stovax’s stoves are CE certified, meaning they adhere to strict European benchmarks for efficient heating and emissions.

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