Wood Burners & Multifuel Stoves - Rais

Since the 1990s Rais have seen global success for their wood burning stoves, inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. This school of design combines functionality with a simple, timeless aesthetic. Their stoves are known for being incredibly chic – with a cylindrical shape being a particular highlight. 

Rais sum up their philosophy as ‘art of fire’, and this is clear when you look at their products – the design and thought that goes into each one is akin to an artist and their canvas. Rais like to take risks with colour and materials - the Juno and Rina Soapstone stoves are clad with sculpted natural stone. The pale colours of these materials and black glass for the stove doors create a stunning contrast. Rais also offer a selection of stoves in matte white, a refreshing change from the industry’s frequent use of black and metallic shades.

Rais have the highest standards for quality, citing ‘constant development’ as their main motivation. They also are making impressive leaps in the industry in terms of their environmental impact. Rais have spearheaded research with the Technical University of Denmark in environmentally-conscious combustion. As a result of this, their wood burning stoves are on the cutting edge of sustainability.

If you want a heating solution that brings modern flair to your interior, take a look at Rais’ range of products. With their forward-thinking ethos, you’ll have the future of stoves, today.

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