Wood Burners & Multifuel Stoves - Piazzetta

An Italian-based manufacturer, what makes Piazzetta truly distinctive is their attention to detail. Piazzetta place a lot of value in quality design, their wood burning stoves are hand-crafted and skilfully finished.

piazetta stove

Of course it’s not all about looks. Piazzetta are constantly looking for innovative ways to bring comfortable heating to any home. A fantastic example of this is their patented Multifuoco® system, which ensures heat is distributed evenly throughout a room from floor to ceiling. Furthermore, their Multifuoco® System Plus technology makes wood burning stoves controllable via an LCD remote. This brings a new level of efficiency to the timeless quality of a wood burning stove.

Piazzetta strike a great balance between traditional techniques and forward thinking service. Environmental sustainability is a big part of their brand. The low burn time and fantastic heat output that comes with a Piazzetta stove dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

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