Wood Burners & Multifuel Stoves - Dovre

dovre stove

Named after a Norwegian mountain range, Dovre design products for peak winter conditions, and have been doing so for over 60 years. Inspired by the biting cold of Scandinavian winters, Dovre specialise in cast iron stoves, a material favoured for its ability to maximise heat retention. Dovre definitely haven’t rested on their laurels for the past few decades. They’ve set an example for legacy brands by consistently expanding their range of products. Options include wood burning and multi-fuel stove, gas stoves, as well as “highly realistic” electrical stoves. Dovre are in constant pursuit of perfection, always searching for new ways to create better and more sustainable products. A great example of this is their Clearburn system, which not only minimises carbon emissions but also brings more heat into your room.

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