Wood Burners & Multifuel Stoves - Clearview

Manufacturing clean burning wood stoves since 1987, Clearview have emerged as an industry leader thanks to their stringent quality control, sustainability and strong customer service ethos. Clearview keep their manufacturing in house, operating from twenty acres of business premises in the Shropshire Hills. This ensures that every stage of the process is subject to the same high standard of quality. What makes their stoves so great is that they combine automated product manufacturing and traditional hand finishing. This strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and quality.

Clearview Stove

Clearview’s success in the market can be attributed to many things, but the first thing that comes to mind is their sense of innovation. For example, they were the first company to create the ‘hot air wash system’,where a secondary air vent directs air towards the stove glass to clear soot and dirt.

It is clear that efficiency lies at the heart of the Clearview brand. For instance, they claim that a single one of their stoves can heat an entire average size house. Their parts are also known to be easily replaceable. They really understand what it means to simplify their customers’ lives. For Clearview, efficiency is as much about the environment as it is about customer service. Their stoves are up to 7 times more efficient than a standard open fire. They also are dedicated to minimising their environmental impact, using only locally-sourced wood and planting thousands of trees per year. It’s no wonder their stoves are widely considered “the greenest multi-fuel stoves on Earth.”

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